Dieting For Men, Man’s Particular Weight Problem

On the face of it dieting should be much easier for men as they have a higher metabolic and lower propensity to store fat than women. A man’s particular problem however is the fat that begins to accumulate around the abdomen, creating what’s known as the “apple shape”. The resulting health risks this build up of fat may cause include diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

Therefore a waist measurement of 37 inches will pose a slight risk where as pushing 40 inches will pose much greater dangers.

Changing Shape

What is true is that men find it increasingly difficult to diet as it still holds the stigma of being a girl thing which suggests a plan with a beginning and an end that just doesn’t wash well with the way men do things.

But men shouldn’t follow a women’s diet as they require many more calories, so a mans diet is likely to be much more successful if he maintains meals that make him full, just with the right food.

The Best Diet for a Man

In fact, the best diet for a man is really a non-diet strategy. This may sound bizarre but it’s really the small subtle changes that won’t get you noticed in front of your friends accompanied with a fitness plan which dietitians agree works best for men.

A healthy diet is more than achievable if you stick to the old balanced diet of “meat and two veg”, but you must assist this with exercise 3 times a week and a low beer intake as beer, lager or ale are packed with calories which will completely defeat your diet plan.

Weight loss supplements do work at eliminating that apple shaped abdomen but only when used in combination with a right diet and a regular workout plan.

Many men do use both fat burners with extreme exercise programs to really carve out that 6 pack but if it’s just more of a toned stomach and a leaner physique you want then this is quite achievable through the triad of diet, fitness and weight loss supplements and will power!

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