Nine Dietary Skills Help Men Keep Healthy

mhh2In our daily life, men always need more energy than women to conduct the physical activities. What’s more, the metabolism of cholesterol inside the male bodies can be easily destroyed, which can cause the diseases like high blood pressure, apoplexy and miocardial infarction. In order to help men keep healthy in daily life, nine dietary skills are advised by the doctors for men.

First, men should pay attention to the supplementation of chromium in daily life. Chromium can be beneficial to the metabolism of cholesterol and strengthen the endurance of the human body. In addition, it can also accelerate the formation of muscles and prevent extra fat.

Second, men should increase the intake of the foods containing vegetarian fibers. The vegetarian fibers can accelerate the intestinal peristalsis, decrease cholesterol and reduce the glucose inside the blood so as to decrease the blood pressure. They can even help the human body lose weight. It is beneficial for men to absorb 18 to 20 grams of vegetarian fibers during the dinner.

Third, men should frequently eat the foods containing magnesium so as to adjust the activities of the heart, reduce the blood pressure, prevent the heart disease and improve the fertility for men. The foods containing magnesium mainly include soy bean, oat porridge and sea products.

Fourth, men should supplement vitamin A adequately. The nutrient can improve the human immunity, prevent cancer and protect the eyesight. 1000 milligrams of vitamin A are needed by men each day.

Fifth, men should supplement vitamin B6 in daily life. The nutrient can improve the human immunity and prevent the diseases like skin cancer and kidney calculus. Generally speaking, men should absorb 2 milligrams of vitamin B6 every day.

Sixth, men should absorb enough vitamin C in daily life. This kind of nutrient can prevent cancer, protect the teeth and treat the male infertility. It can also resist aging to some degrees. Foods like orange and cauliflower all contain abundant vitamin C. Men who smoke should especially supplement the nutrient.

Seventh, men should increase the intake of the foods containing vitamin E which can decrease the cholesterol, eliminate the toxins inside the human body and prevent cataract. It is reasonable for men to supplement the nutrient by taking 10 milligrams of medicine each day.

Eighth, men can often eat the foods containing zinc. Zinc can maintain the male fertility, deal with impotence and improve the immunity to various diseases. However, the supplementation of the nutrient should be moderate, or the functions of other mineral substances inside the human body will be affected.

Ninth, men should drink moderate water during the day. Each cell inside the human body needs water. If men want to keep their muscles healthy and charming, enough water is necessary.